Project Description

The David Whiting Story
Directed by Walter Reuben, Produced by Walter Reuben and Andrew Sachs

A surreal black comedy which combines actual documentary interviews; staged portrayals of larger-than-life figures Ayn Rand, Mike Wallace, Cesar Romero, Lee J. Cobb and others; telephone interviews and aged newspaper clippings; and the proverbial Google search — all in an effort to solve several lifelong mysteries: who was David Whiting, who died mysteriously in an Arizona motel during a Hollywood film shoot, and what was the mythic so-called “Cesar Romero joke” – which all of the film-maker’s classmates still remember as being utterly hilarious but which nobody can recall what the joke actually was?

How did David Whiting die? What led to a tragic phone call in which a father and mother wished their son dead? And why did a friendship with a legendary film critic inexplicably end so horribly?

Winner 2014 Los Angeles Film Critics Award: Douglas Edwards Experimental/Independent Film/Video Award