About Andrew K. Sachs

Cinematographer and Producer Andrew K. Sachs creates imaginative visual stories using lighting and motion picture capture. Andrew can be found shooting a myriad of forms including feature films, commercials, documentaries, and music videos. After working in film production as a camera assistant for 6 years and a Director of Photography for over 12 years, Andrew founded Walking Pictures to support his clients’ requests to provide production services. Andrew continues to work as a D.P. for other production companies and partners with directors and producers on all kinds of projects.

Born and raised in New York City, Andrew graduated magna cum laude from Harvard with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies. At Harvard, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Robb Moss and legendary director Dusan Makaveyev provided lasting inspiration and mentorship. Andrew then worked as a camera assistant for cinematographers including Bill Bennett, ASC, Patrick Loungway, Bruce Logan, ASC, Tobias Schliessler, ASC, Jonathan Sela, Byron Shah, and Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, and learned cinematography “hands-on” from these masters.

Andrew values elegant solutions to visual storytelling; he cites preparation and communication as keys to creating a successful production.

Working with outstanding creative collaborators provides ongoing inspiration, and Andrew truly enjoys contributing his leadership and vision.

About Walking Pictures

Walking Pictures is the production company founded by Andrew K. Sachs.

Working with talented creative and technical partners, Walking Pictures provides production services to a wide variety of clients.

We understand the challenges of distilling an idea into images, capturing a fleeting moment otherwise unseen, and believe that the process of creation is critical to the result.

Walking Pictures serves to create unique stories with sensitivity, artistry, and impact.

  • Over 20 years experience in filmmaking

  • Highly Skilled Creative Team
  • I.A.T.S.E. Local 600 – D.P.
  • Winner, Los Angeles Film Critics Douglas Edwards Experimental/Independent Film Award 2014: “The David Whiting Story” – Produced with Walter Reuben.
  • Winner, Best Cinematography, Oregon Independent Film Festival, 2013: “Sunken City” Feature Film directed by Ryan McLaughlin
  • Best Art/Amination Short, Radar Hamburg International Independent Film Festival, 2008: “Three Stories About Evil” – Directed by Michael Frost
  • Best Dark Comedy, DragonCon Atlanta, 2008: “Three Stories About Evil” – Directed by Michael Frost
  • Best Short Film, Boston Underground Film Festival, 2007: “Three Stories About Evil” – Directed by Michael Frost
  • Winner, Best Short Film, Paste Rock ‘n’ Reel Film Festival, 2006: “Chutzpah” – Directed by Rick Kent
  • Official Selection, HBO Comedy Arts Film Festival, 2006: “Chutzpah” – Directed by Rick Kent
  • Winner, DC Independent Film Festival, Best Experimental Film Award, 2015: “The David Whiting Story” – Produced with Walter Reuben.