About Andrew K. Sachs

Andrew K. Sachs

With over 25 years of experience in physical production, Andrew Sachs is a master of film and digital cinema. From Anamorphic to VR, Andrew brings hands-on creative and technical experience as a director of photography to his work as a producer.

Andrew has produced documentary series, feature films, commercials, and branded content. As Head of Production at Dirty Robber, he produced two Netflix Original docuseries, “Heist” and “We Are The Champions,” as well as the Oscar-winning live action scripted short film “Two Distant Strangers,” also now on Netflix. 

At Dirty Robber, Andrew oversaw production of commercial work for NIKE and supported the scaling up of documentary production capacity, which included the Emmy-winning series “Tom vs Time” for Facebook Watch and Emmy-nominated programs “Breaking 2” for National Geographic Network and globetrotting “Why We Fight” series for ESPN.

Prior to joining Dirty Robber, Andrew founded and operated production company Walking Pictures and produced branded, corporate, and independent films, including the Los Angeles Film Critics Award-winning “The David Whiting Story” (2014).

Andrew’s experience as a director of photography spans documentary and branded content, music videos, and independent feature films including the “live on stage, on film” adaptation of the classic anti-war text “Johnny Got His Gun” (2008, starring Ben McKenzie) and stoner detective noir “Sunken City” (2012).

Andrew K. Sachs operating a camera

Born and raised in New York City, Andrew graduated magna cum laude from Harvard with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies. At Harvard, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Robb Moss and legendary director Dusan Makaveyev provided lasting inspiration. 

Andrew values elegant solutions to visual storytelling; he cites preparation and communication as keys to creating a successful production. Working with outstanding creative collaborators provides ongoing inspiration, and Andrew truly enjoys contributing his leadership and vision.

About Walking Pictures

Walking Pictures is the production company founded by Andrew K. Sachs and also a portfolio site for Andrew's work.

Working with talented creative and technical partners, Walking Pictures provides production services and budget consulting to a wide variety of clients.

We understand the challenges of distilling an idea into images, capturing a fleeting moment otherwise unseen, and believe that the process of creation is critical to the result. And sometimes that means taking a few more steps to find a new perspective.

Andrew and Walking Pictures serve to create unique stories with sensitivity, artistry, and impact.


Two Distant Strangers (Netflix) 

Winner, Academy Award (OSCAR) for Best Live Action Short Film

We Are The Champions (Netflix)

Nominated for Sports EMMYs for Outstanding Edited Sports Series and Outstanding Editing (Long Form)

Shut Up and Dribble (Showtime)

Nominated for Sports EMMY for Outstanding Editing (Long Form) and NAACP Image Awards

Tom vs Time (Facebook)

Winner, Sports EMMY for Outstanding Serialized Sports Documentary

Why We Fight (ESPN)

Nominated for a Sports EMMY for Outstanding Serialized Sports Documentary

Breaking 2 (National Geographic)

Winner Cannes Lions GOLD and BRONZE, Winner AdAge Best Marketing Campaign of the Year, Winner One Show Golden Pencil, Winner Sports Clio. Nominated for a Sports Emmy for Best Editing.

The David Whiting Story (Walking Pictures) 

Winner, Los Angeles Film Critics Douglas Edwards Experimental/Independent Film Award
Winner, DC Independent Film Festival, Best Experimental Film Award