Religion of Sports

Religion of Sports is a documentary anthology series that follows athletes from different walks of life whose dedication and connection to their sport goes beyond the physical to become almost a religious experience.

Gotham Chopra created the concept and along with Tom Brady and Michael Strahan, who served as Executive Producers, formed a brand and later a production company of the same name. This was the leadoff series for the brand and the three seasons (18 episodes) were produced by production company Dirty Robber.

The series originally aired on Direct TV / Audience network, and then later Facebook Watch. All episodes are now available free on Youtube.

Series Directed by Gotham Chopra, Sam French, Mark Rinehart, Amanda Micheli, Dustin Nakao-Haider, Martin Desmond Roe, Jim Aikman, Christian Holm-Glad, Tomas Leach, Matt Roe, Derek Doneen, Natalie Johns, and Kathlyn Horan.

Executive Produced by Tom Brady, Victor Buhler, Gotham Chopra, Shane Elrod, Kate Regan, Martin Desmond Roe, Constance Schwartz, Michael Strahan, Chris Uettwiller, Matt Roe, Chris Long, Giselle Parets, Bart Peters.

Andrew K. Sachs was the Line Producer on Season 1 and then moved into a staff Supervising Producer role at the production company Dirty Robber, and supervised physical production for Season 2 and Season 3.

Line Producer Season 1: Andrew K. Sachs

Line Producer Season 2: Ron Mencer

Line Producer Season 3: Pam Daniels

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