Tom vs Time

Winner, Sports EMMY for Outstanding Serialized Sports Documentary

The greatest quarterback in history opens the curtain while chasing another Super Bowl. Traveling from Massachusetts to China to Costa Rica and all the football fields between, Tom Vs Time offers a never before seen look at the life and career of Tom Brady. While preparing for and competing in the 2017 NFL season, Brady discussed his work ethic, how to balance his career with his family, and why he’s able to keep performing at his peak, long after everybody said his playing days would be over.

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Directed by Gotham Chopra

Executive Produced by Gotham Chopra, Martin Desmond Roe, Ameeth Sankaran, Chris Uettwiller

Executive in Charge of Production: Victor Buhler

Supervising Producer: Andrew K. Sachs

Producers: Nicolas Emiliani, Erik LeDrew

Line Producer: Jacob Mosler

Field Producer: Danny Dewes

Post Producer: Meghan Cirillo

Associate Producers: Jeff Fine, Gilad Haas, Ben Rawitz

Music by Antonio Pinto & Ed Cortes

Cinematography by Gotham Chopra, Brian Lannin, Alex Fauver, Jeycob Carlson, Jeff Bierman, Jeff Fine, Gilad Haas, Andrew K. Sachs

Editing by Brady Hammes, Kevin Barth, Sean Horvath, Cariad Owen

Production Companies: Dirty Robber & Religion of Sports

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