We Are The Champions

We Are the Champions is a Netflix Original documentary series executive produced and narrated by The Office alum Rainn Wilson.

We Are the Champions explores the quirkiest, most charming, and oddly inspirational competitions you never knew existed. Each episode follows a unique competition, providing a window into a world of determined, passionate, and incredibly skilled competitors who put it all on the line to become heroes in their own extraordinary worlds.

Anthology episodes explore cheese rolling, fantasy hairstyling, yo-yo, dog dancing, frog jumping, and chili eating. 

Nominated for Sports EMMYs for Outstanding Edited Sports Series and for Outstanding Editing (Long Form)

Directed by Brian Davis, Nick Frew, and Martin Desmond Roe

Written by Matthew-Lee Erlbach

Executive Produced by Brian Davis, Nick Frew, Martin Desmond Roe, Chris Uettwiller, and Rainn Wilson.

Supervising Producer & Head of Production: Andrew K. Sachs

Line Producer / Producer: Jacob Mosler

Field Producers: Maria Bukhonina, Alfredo de Villa, Sarah George, Josh Shelton.

Associate Producers: Omri Kruvi, Victoria Harley

Story Producers: Joanna Sokolowski, Karin McEvoy

Local Producers: Laura Ruddock, Luca De Angelis, Chris Klockner, Maria Rachko, Shawn Love Spillett

Music by Vincent Jones, Allen Blickle, Tk Kayembe, Josh Wiener

Cinematography by Jessica Young

Edited by Alex Odesmith, Natalie De Diego, Brett Nicoletti, Sean Horvath, Colin Lupe, Alex McKenzie

Post-Production Supervisor: David Lawrence

Production Company: Dirty Robber

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