Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam

An exclusive documentary series delving deep into the personal life of hip-hop superstar Wiz Khalifa. Over the course of five episodes, Wiz gets candid about the different phases of his career and, more recently, how life has changed for him since the birth of his son, Sebastian.

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Directed by Martin Desmond Roe

Produced by Victor Buhler, Liam Hughes, and Andrew K. Sachs

Executive Producers include Ethan Lewis, Gotham Chopra, Alexa Dedlow, Will Dzombak, Suzanna Lee, Constance Schwartz, Michael Strahan, Chris Uettwiller, and Wiz Khalifa.

Co-Executive Producer: Nick Frew

Associate Producers: Omri Kruvi and Meech Golden

Story Producers: Johnny Natas and Liam Hughes

Cinematography by Matthew Wise and Liam Hughes

Editing by Alex Odesmith, Colin Lupe, Sean Horvath, Liam Hughes, and David Markun

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